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  1. Which other knitting techniques have you already mastered?
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  3. Casting off in pattern | This is Knit
  4. How to Cast Off Knitting Stitches in 5 Steps
  5. BO = bind off

Insert left needle into first stitch.

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Take your left hand needle and insert into the first stitch the lower of the two stitches. Create your first cast off stitch.

Which other knitting techniques have you already mastered?

Using your needle, hook the lower stitch over the upper stitch and pull off the left hand needle. You will now have one stitch on your right hand needle. You've now completed your first cast off stitch! To continue casting off.

Binding off

Knit the next stitch as normal, so you have two stitches on your right hand needle. Insert your left needle into the lower stitch again. So the point of the left needle is facing the right hand needle.

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  • How to Cast Off Knitting Stitches in 5 Steps.

Repeat step 3. Loop over the top stitch and pull off the left hand needle, so you have one stitch on your right needle. Repeat this to the end of the row to complete your cast off! Trim your working yarn so that you have a few inches left over to weave into the finished work.

Casting off in pattern | This is Knit

Slip this yarn through the loop and pull tight, securing the yarn so the loop won't unravel. You can also just pull the stitch until the tail end pulls through. This does not make a bump and looks a lot nicer in the finished work, but it's up to you. Weave the end of the yarn through several stitches to secure the end, using either a sewing needle or a crochet hook. Wear or use your new knitted item proudly.

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How to Cast Off Knitting Stitches in 5 Steps

By using The Spruce Crafts, you accept our. Just as we did when we cast off stitches the normal way before. The following 2 stitches are purled stitches, so you have to place the thread in front of the project and purl 1 stitch. Pass the stitch you had on your right-hand needle over the stitch you just purled letting it fall off the needle.

How to Cast Off Knitwise Tutorial - Knitting for Beginners

Cast off the next stitch in the same way. To cast off the rest of the stitches, repeat the two steps before, meaning knit the stitches the way you find them either knitting or purling them and remember to always change the thread from behind to the front of the project!

BO = bind off

The rim will be a lot more elastic and adapts itself to the different stitches :. In our example we have used the cotton in grey, but you can of course use any color you like and 8MM wooden needles.

By subscribing you accept the terms and conditions. Knitters world. Knitting tips. How to cast off knitted stitches In almost all projects the manual indicates to cast off the stitches in a knitted row.

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  7. The rest of the stitches : Knit 1 stitch, pass the second stitch onto the right-hand needle over the first letting it fall off the needle. Continue knitting like that until you have cast off all stitches.