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  1. My Half Century. Selected Prose | Anna Akhmatova
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First, let the book be rare and unhurried. There is no reason why occasional books by our eminent writers cannot be as important as their other work. There is no reason why occasional writing ought to be seen as 'secondary. Poor work should remain in the desk drawer.

My Half Century. Selected Prose | Anna Akhmatova

I say this having few doubts about the Davies collection of speeches. For Davies is skilled in that art which he regards as a way of bringing mind and feeling together and as a proper form for the humorous moralist that he is. In contrast, the collected articles that Purdy has written for Maclean's, Weekend, and other magazines, show him to be awkward and strangely flattened by the medium, except when he reacts to other writers, as in 'Poets in Montreal; his best piece.

Perhaps it is the deference of the observer on a junket, or the nostalgia of return to a remote place of his tougher years - perhaps the muteness of the land and the mellowness of self are silencing each other- in any case, he lacks hunger for what moves beneath a story and he needs room to expand his persona.

Buckler reacts fancifully to the anomaly of high and popular culture. Whirligig is the lightness of wit chasing its tail around, running to limericks, spoofs, to a delight in comic failure, and to a kind of sheer naughtiness. Ophelia writes to Ann Landers; the technologies of his farmhouse Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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Advanced Search. In addition to writing SF and fantasy, she has also designed role-playing games and published poetry. Her song "The Lurkers Support Me In Email" has been quoted innumerable times in online discussions all over the world, frequently without attribution.

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A native of Wales, she lives in Montreal. Membership Benefits. Gift cards can be used online or in-store. Popular Fiction. Circe Paperback. By Madeline Miller. Published: Back Bay Books - April 14th, By Ann Patchett. By Ta-Nehisi Coates. Published: One World - September 24th, Red at the Bone: A Novel Hardcover.

My Illicit Other Half Space Diamonds

By Jacqueline Woodson. Published: Riverhead Books - September 17th, By Tracy Chevalier. By Kevin Barry. Published: Doubleday - September 17th, A Tall History of Sugar Hardcover. By Curdella Forbes.

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Published: Akashic Books - October 1st, Popular Nonfiction. By Eric A. Posner , E.